Diamond jewelry is attributed to prestige and wealth. Also, the diamond jewelry forms emotional bonds and family legacies by owning it as a symbol of power, class, health, and prosperity. Diamond jewelry occurs in different types and forms, most of which are customized to meet particular needs of customers. Diamonds are used to make rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches among other jewelry forms that fit the needs of the customers. Click here to read testimonials from My Diamond Auction. Therefore, to understand diamond jewelry profoundly is essential to identify the specific factors that make the jewelry different;



Diamonds jewelry and values can be distinguished by their colors. The most common colors are blue, brown, green, red, white, yellow or a combination of these colors. Yellow is the most common color in diamonds however the completely colorless diamonds are considered the most ideal. The clarity of color also serves to increase the value of the diamond jewels. This adds aesthetic value to the stone and improves its market value considerably. Moreover, the choice of a particular color can be used to complement one’s skin or accessorize their dress codes.

Cut or shape

Additionally, diamond jewelry varies in regards to their cuts or shapes. The cut refers to the symmetry, finish, proportions and polish exhibited in particular diamond jewelry. Therefore, diamond jewelry that occurs in different shapes and cuts have varying market prices as the cut determines the brilliance and intensity of the diamond. Well cut or shaped diamonds fetch high prices in the market and attract a lot of interest from diamond “hunters.” Interestingly, the shapes or cuts affect the grading of the diamond jewelry such that well-cut retail premium as compared to poorly cut diamonds that go for discounted prices.

Size and weight

Diamonds occur in different sizes and weight. Apparently, it is these two factors that greatly influence its price valuation on the market. Hence, different diamond jewelry has different sizes or weights of diamond stones some of which are small and others large. Diamonds are measured in karats and vary depending on their sources. However, the weight of the diamond does not necessarily denote the quality or clarity of the diamond.



Diamond jewelry can be mounted onto bands or necklaces. Therefore, different settings distinguish the types of diamonds in the market. Diamond jewelry setting affects the design of the jewelry. Most diamond jewelry settings which include; prong, invisible, bezel, tension and channel settings. Moreover, the jewel setting is also distinguished in regards to the number of stones used and the cut of the stone such as round, oval, rectangular and triangular diamonds.