Open play plays a very vital role in promoting the well-being as well as physical development. It is very natural for children to be active outdoors. Open play allows children to explore as well as develop muscle. In addition, it helps them develop self-confidence, increase flexibility, as well as gross and fine motor skills. It is also associated with the development of physical and skills. Here below are some of the benefits of outdoor play for children in greater detail:

Meeting Children’s Need for Physical Activity

This is open play helps provide the need for physical activity and exercise for children. It also provides them with the chance engage in various exercises, including jumping, running, swinging, skating, as well bike riding. It also provides them with the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. This essentially helps them promote their well-being as well as physical development.

Promoting Mental Health

2Today’s children, unlike in the past, often experience certain mental health issues, including depression and anxiety. This is because children today are overloaded with school work and also have busy extracurricular activities. For this reason, open play can play a very important role in reducing anxiety and stress because it will provide the children with a good opportunity to engage in physical activity. In addition, contact with nature is known to help reduce stress levels as well as promoting a positive impact on anxiety or certain other conditions, such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Promoting Intellectual Development

Open play is also known to provide intellectual stimulation. Children who are often given an opportunity to engage in open play activities are known to have better focus in a classroom setting and are better prepared for learning, which in return help make it easier for them to transition to school. In addition, outdoor play is known to help promote learning as well as problem- solving skills. These help children perform better in the classroom. Open play is also associated with promoting creativity, which the children can in return, apply to their learning.

Social Development

When children interact with other children while out playing in the outdoors, it promotes their social development. Giving your children the opportunity to play with other children gives them a chance to learn how to work together. In addition, they will also learn how to share, negotiate, and solve conflicts. They will also learn new skills as well as how to overcome challenges. This will in return help promote resilience, self-confidence, and self-advocacy. Learning all these things will help them develop healthy relationships and become better leaders in the future.


3Today’s children spend a lot of their time indoors, either playing computer games or watching movies, among other popular activities. Because of lack of physical activity, many children usually develop health problems, including obesity. It is therefore very important to ensure that you are not compromising the health of your children by allowing them to spend all their time indoors, with little or no physical activity at all. Let them participate in open play along with other children and experience all the health and other benefits of open play activities.