er5y6u7675yWhen it comes to social media numbers do matter, that is why when one mentions that Instagram has a total following of close to over hundred million active users then you surely know that we are dealing with pretty serious stuff. The statistics on Instagram can be described as very encouraging this is why if these numbers are broken down a little bit one will not only be surprised, but they will be excited at the same time.

From the analysis of numbers it is simply wonderful and marvelous, to those who are familiar with online marketing and business, this is simply a goldmine and very big global market.

The above statistic would surely evoke the nerves and send a signal too on how important this medium of communication could be important to business. But the elephant in the room for many who are going through this is on how to get to Instagram and gain followers who they will, in turn, convert into a viable market. Worry not because below we are going to highlight how you can grow your number of followers

The steps to increase your Instagram followers

1. Signup with Facebook

This can be considered to be the quickest and easiest way to set up an Instagram account. The biggest advantage with signing up with Facebook is that it will give you a provision of automatically following your friends that are already on Instagram and in turn they are most likely to follow you too. It is expected that your family members, friends, and relatives will be your first followers on this medium, this plays a major role because they will help you boost your profile and get you ready for the real deal right ahead.

2. Uploading quality photos.

The most important thing on this medium of marketing is the quality of photos that one upload, one should, therefore, make sure that any photos that are uploaded on their account are of the highest quality. This is so because having quality photos will enable you to get more likes, comments, and more followers a fact that will enable push you up the grades so you can compete with the best in the industry. Make sure the apparatus you use in taking photos provides the best since you need to go viral to achieve your aim.56h7jiuyjth6r

3. Like other photos

This trick can be referred to as notice me. We can give an example of the first day one is at school or a new workplace, and here no one knows you, so the best thing that one will do to start interacting with others is by saying hi to them or even introducing yourself to them. When you have done this, they will visit your profile and even like your photos and start following you, this way you start growing your network.

4. Follow others

This can also be referred to the fastest way that an individual can also grow their list of followers on Instagram. When one follows an individual, they will most likely follow you back thus creating a big network. Therefore to ensure that you get lots of comments and likes on your picture follow others so that they can follow you too.